Fontys Dance Academy | korte performances

Fontys Dance Academy | korte performances

Bisschop Zwijsenstraat 7
Tilburg (Kapel)


A program with 7 short creations made by promising students from the dance academy, in their graduation year: Suzan Stouthart, Lily Bendl, Laïla el Bazzi, Anna Zurkirchen, Martina Gunkel, Sara Prescimone, Ellis van Veldhuizen, Isa Hoornsman.

They all choose a different research question or title for their choreography.
Suzan and Lily: 'An umbrella or a hidden butterfly? It is always what it not seems to be.'
Isa: 'She fell in love with his sneakers'
Sara: 'The Body Crisis (a sense of disconnection from oneself or one's Surroundings).'
Anna: '...visibility; showing, covering, hiding, seeing, watching - where is the freedom? A little extract of a chaos from both sides of the veil.'
Ellis: '... in de ongrijpbaarheid van ruimte vind ik de verborgen zon. De transitie van nacht naar dag: een beweging die zodra ze wordt aangeraakt niet meer kan worden gestopt, alleen nog maar gevoed...'


  • 20.00-20.45
  • 21.00-21.45
  • 22.00-22.45